Award Winners

The EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS) awarded three prizes for clinical and research work and the best paper in literature during the concluding session of the 3rd EULIS Meeting.

Read more about the awards here.

​Basic research Award

Magnesium, citrate and phytate: Effect of their binary mixtures as calcium oxalate crystallization inhibitors in urine.
Rodriguez A., Costa-Bauza A., Prieto R.M., Berga F., Grases F.
University of the Balearic Islands, University Institute of Health Science Research, Palma of Majorca, Spain.

Clinical research Award

Double J ureteral stents symptoms evaluation using a validated questionnaire (USSQ) after ureteroscopy: a prospective single-institutional observational study.
Bosio A., Dalmasso E., Alessandria E., Destefanis P., Peretti D., Ammirati E., Bisconti A., Carchedi M., Buffardi A., Gontero P., Fontana D., Frea B. Città Della Salute E Della Scienza - Molinette
Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Turin, Italy

​Best paper from literature Award

Minimal invasive PCNL (MPCNL) -update on efficacy and safety after 1048 consecutive patients.
Anudu J., Lahme S., Zimmermanns V., Ober P. Siloah St. Trudpert.
Klinium Pforzheim, Dept. of Urology, Pforzheim, Germany.